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Storm International company talks about the Mexican division sale

Storm International has sold its Mexican unit in Monterrey, which has been operating since 2009 and includes 2 entertainment complexes. These were Hollywood I and Hollywood II which operated over 1000 slots combined. The establishments were sold to optimize the geography of the company’s operations and to attract additional investments in new projects located in Europe.

Storm International

Michael Boettcher, Storm International President, made the following statement: “The business atmosphere of Monterrey, Mexico as a whole, is rather difficult to work with. My company has invested a lot of money in Monterrey, has employed more than 400 people and tried to secure the future for everyone involved in the work of our institutions. But it has become increasingly difficult to conduct this business, largely due to regulatory changes and the lack of an adequate level of transparency in the work of local authorities and representatives of internal affairs bodies. It is time to move on and focus on attractive opportunities in other countries more open to foreign investment.”

Darren Keane, Storm International CEO, commented on the deal as follows: “Our Mexican unit was profitable and had stable business indicators, however, we decided to sell it and concentrate on our preferred markets in Europe and Asia.”

Hollywood Entertainment complexes were installed in American cinemas 1950s style. Guests can enjoy the game on modern machines available in various denominations, fascinating show programs and musical groups performances, as well as a variety of dishes in the restaurants that make up the complexes. Each institution includes an exclusive VIP-club.

Storm International

Storm International Group was founded by Michael Boettcher in 1992 and manages entertainment and casino complexes in various countries: Germany, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus and Latvia.

Shangri La Casinos adorning the capitals of Georgia, Latvia, Armenia and Belarus are the flagship objects of the holding. The casino in Riga was opened in 2017. In Germany, the company is developing a network of slot halls Storm Casinos in order to achieve leadership in this local market sector. In Russia, the company is engaged in the restaurant business, and also leases commercial space in Moscow.

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